At Baby Blossom Infant Massage, I specialise in teaching expecting parents-to-be, parents and primary caregiver how to massage their babies.

I am passionate about the power of Touch and the profound impacts it has on bonding and promoting physical and emotional development.

I offer Face-to-face sessions in Canberra, ACT Australia and surrounding regions, and Online lessons. I will guide you step-by-step to provide you with hands-on instruction to ensure you feel confident and comfortable massaging your baby. 

Discover the Magic of Infant Massage

Studies have demonstrated that infant massage can bring many benefits to both babies and their parents.

These include alleviate colic/wind/constipation symptoms, relaxation, improves sleep, strengthen immune system, reduce postnatal depression and anxiety symptoms, and more.

Most importantly, infant massage can nurtures and strengthen the bonding between babies and their parents.

Parents have also found that baby massage can help to improve how they address their babies needs, reduce stress, and foster a sense of confidence and contribution in their parenting.


I am Naomi and I am a Paediatric Massage Consultant/ Infant Massage Instructor.

As a new mum myself, I am passionate to share my infant massage skill and knowledge to all new parents and primary caregivers, and to raise awareness of the importance and benefits of infant massage in our community. 

I love food, check out new places, try new things and take my son to explore playgrounds around Canberra!

Everyone has stories to share, what are yours?

Looking for a class to join?

I offer a range of infant massage classes to meet the needs of families and professionals working with children and families. 

Whilst the best age to massage your baby is from birth to about 8-9 months, or before they start crawling, infant massage is beneficial for children from birth to school age.

Whether you are a new dad hoping to bond with your baby, a mum seeking relief for your colicky newborn, or a childcare professional looking to enhance your knowledge for continuing development from my in-service, I can help you meet your needs.

Let's learn more about infant massage!

As a Paediatric Massage Consultant and Founder of Baby Blossom Infant Massage, my mission goes beyond simply teaching parents how to massage their babies. 

My goal is also to equip parents with correct and up-to-date information about infant massage. 

Through my blogs, I hope to empower parents to become experts in infant massage themselves, and to experience the joy and benefits of this powerful bonding practice with their babies.

We sell baby massage products too~

Depending on which classes you choose, a bottle of 125ml Organic Cold Pressed Oil, a Step-by-Step Parent Guide or an Introductory massage USB is complementary for your use!

With our store at Baby Blossom Infant Massage, you can stock up on all the necessary and good quality supplies, to continue your baby massage journey without having to search for good products elsewhere.

Gift vouchers are also available, and they are great gift ideas for everyone, especially for expecting parents-to be and new parents!

Touch is the first form of language our baby learns, 

come join me to unlock the magic of Infant Massage~