My Services

        My infant massage classes are best for expecting parents-to-be who are at their third trimesters,  and new parents with babies aged between 8 weeks to 8 months, or before they start crawling. 

Parents who has children outside of this age range are welcome to book for a private lesson or contact me.

I offer both Face-to-face and Online lessons. Completing my infant massage courses will provide you with a solid understanding of the techniques involved and the confidence to massage your baby comfortably, and effectively. The full body massage routines, additional techniques such as baby yoga, colic sequence, and valuable knowledge gained during the course will become lifelong skills for you. 

Join me today to discover the numerous benefits of infant massage and build a deeper connection with your child.

Infant Massage is not a therapy we do to our baby, 

it is a beautiful ritual that we do with our baby~