Can my partner join me in a session?

Your partner is welcome to join in the Private 1:1 sessions, with no additional cost. 

That means your Private lesson fees will include a bottle of Organic and Cold Pressed baby massage oil, Parent handbook, travel costs (within a certain radius), and YOUR partner, who will be learning using a demo doll - That is a great package!

For Group sessions however, I have capped the number of participants, and therefore only main participants will be attending. This is to ensure quality teaching and maximise the learning and massage experience, for both parents and their babies.

For 4 sessions Infant Massage Course, your partner can join as a separate booking with 50% off the original price, and will share the same Parent Guide and Massage Oil with you. 

There may be some exception; if you require assistance of another person to attend the classes with you, please contact me.

How many participants can join in a session?

To ensure good quality learning experience, the number of participants in each class are capped. The following are the maximum parents per class, although slight variation may be possible, depending on the venue:

4 sessions Group Infant Massage classes: 6 parents + babies

Introductory Infant Massage session: 5 - 8 parents + babies

I am worried. What if my baby cries or fall asleep during the session?

You are not alone! You are welcome to attend to your baby needs at anytime, and as required. .

You can watch through the demonstration and join in anytime when you are ready. We will revise all the techniques and routine every week. If your baby is asleep, you are welcome to learn and practice using one of my demonstration doll. Please don't worry, we can always work something out.

Where is the venue of the classes?

Classes are either held in North Canberra Osteopathy, or The Link at Strathnairn. The accepted number of participants in these two venues are slightly different too. Ad Hoc venues may be established too.

Can I use my own oil or cream of choice to massage my baby?

At Baby Blossom Infant Massage, I recommend to use Organic Cold Pressed seed/nut oil to massage your baby, as they are edible, free from pesticide and fragrance, moisturising and rich in nutrients. All these properties are important for your baby delicate skin.

It is however, the parent's choice as to which oil/cream to use. 

What if I forget a massage technique after the class? Can I contact you?

Absolutely, it is normal to forget some of the strokes or why we are doing certain ways. At Baby Blossom Infant Massage, I am here to support you, even after you have completed the infant massage course.

How do I get a discount? What if I bring a friend to join your class together?

It is so good to learn baby massage together with your friends or family! If you come together with a friend, both of you can get $15 off from your next 4 sessions Infant Massage Course. Come as a group of 3 or more for our Introductory Infant Massage session, each of you get $5 off.

If you sign up to be a part of Baby Blossom Infant Massage, you can get a $10 off your next session too. Sign up using this link: 


Note: Only one bonus can be used at a time. 

Can I reschedule my session if my child or myself is sick on the day of the session?

Yes. We know there are times rescheduling and absences are inevitable. Let us know earlier if possible, we can organise a make up date/session.

There will be no refund of deposit and balance, they are however, transferable to someone or for next class. 

Can I feed my baby during the session?

Of course! Our infant massage classes are flexible and meant to be relaxing. Feel free to attend your baby's' needs as required, and when that happens, you can watch through others while they learn the techniques and routines. 

You get to do revision each week in the 4 sessions course. For one off Introductory lesson, the instructor will make sure you are comfortable with the content you learn on that day and will go through those with you if required.

Believe me, you won't be the only parent/mum to do that!

What do I have to bring to the session? 

Very simple! 

For massage purpose, you only need a towel for your baby to lay on and a blanket to cover (if needed). We will provide you massage oil to use throughout the session (Intro), or you will be given a free bottle of oil to take home with you (4 sessions course). 

Of course, bring your smile with you! :)

Do you have gift vouchers for your infant massage classes?

Yes. Gift vouchers are available for all types of classes including baby massage items. You can determine the amount to purchase.

Gifting new parents an opportunity to learn how to massage their babies make a fantastic gift. You can either get it to thank your partner, or as baby shower gift and more.

Do you massage my baby?

At Baby Blossom Infant Massage, I only demonstrate the massage techniques using my demonstration doll. Only you, the parents or primary caregiver of the baby, will be massaging your baby.

What materials do you provide in the sessions? 

For Introductory session, I supply the use of oil throughout the session, and you will be given a handout to take home.

For 4 sessions and 2 sessions Full Infant Massage Course, you will get a bottle of 125mL Organic Cold Pressed Oil and a Step-by-step Parent Guide.

For Personalised lesson, you will get an USB of Introduction to Infant Massage and a handout.

I will provide soft mats for you to sit on and for your baby to lay on in the class.